Humans need and naturally crave affection and touch to live. Without touch, we can feel lonely, depressed, anxious, and disconnected.

Touch based therapy is focused on therapeutic touch which draws from my training in massage, reiki, chakra, breathwork and tantra.

Through touch contact, I direct healing energy from my heart to yours, helping to guide your unique individual energy to healing where you may be having physical or emotional blocks.

Initial Healing Session: 2 hours
If you’ve never had any healing before then an initial 2 hour treatment will be necessary. This will be an in-depth consultation where first, I will understand your goals and areas of focus. I will also prepare you for the session, to ensure you get the most out of the treatment.

Follow Up Healing Session: 75 mins

Once we have had the initial healing session, i can offer follow up bespoke sessions focused on specific areas. It’s recommended that you build on the healing that you’ve started, in order to get the most out of the initial work. A single session may provide temporary relief but the subsequent sessions will provide the lasting impact as your issues are thoroughly cleared through.

Pricing available upon request.