About Healing with Heart

I was born in Argentina and have lived in New York, San Francisco, Madrid, Switzerland and now London. I was drawn to holistic health out of a desire to manage my health and sanity in a better way. I have been pursuing self-development for over 20 years as a result of a traumatic childhood. In order to cope, I voraciously learned and engaged with healing modalities ranging from shamanism, reiki, pranic healing, tantra, psychological counselling, life coaching, somatic processing, bio energetic healing, orgasmic meditation and much more. I am a certified Reiki Level 2 practioner, restorative yoga and Thai Massage.

I have also had a long and successful career in the corporate world in technology and consulting. I’ve had thousands of clients from across the globe, including c-suite from the worlds largest corporations. I uniquely understand the challenges of a demanding professional career with family, whilst staying connected and grounded.

When I am not healing or consulting, I travel the globe to progress my health and wellbeing and also love spending time at home with my wonderful partner, Amarpreet and cheeky kitties - Emi and Max.

I am passionate about healing and want to share all that i have learned to help you to navigate your personal healing journey in a simple and accessible way. Start where you are, and let’s connect heart to heart on this beautiful dance called life.

Love and Light,